[Download] How to download the hitavada news paper

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How to download the hitavada news paper ?


To download the hitavada news paper follow the steps explained below.

  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • There you will get the download link to the hitavada newspaper.
  • Click on the link followed by today’s date.
  • Then this will forward you the downloading page.
  • Where you will be able to download and read today’s hitavada newspaper
The Hitavada news paper

History of Hitavada

The Hitavada is founded in the mid of 20th century by Gopal Krishna Gokhle who is a freedom fighter then it is taken by Purohit company.

This newspaper is mainly circulated in Nagpur, Raipur and in the central part of India.

This newspaper is the first daily  English newspaper in Nagpur.

The Hitavada has a large circulation over 200000 copies in central part of India and alone 130000 copies in Nagpur.

The hitavada epaper

In this corona pandemic it is not easy to get broadsheet newspapers. So you can get The Hitavada epaper free of cost just follow the instructions given above and you will be able to get the free edition of Hitavada newspaper.

News headlines of hitavada nagpur edition

To get news headlines of hitavada nagpur edition please follow the step explained the this post then

You are able to get the Hitavada epaper Nagpur edition and then you will get news headlines of this newspaper

e hitavada daily paper Nagpur

the hitavada comes with the daily epaper editions of Nagpur, Jabalpur, Raipur, and Bhopal.

The links to get the epaper edition are provided in the bottom of this page please find it and download the hitavada news paper

epaper online the hitavada nagpur

 The e hitavada

The e hitavada is mainly the online edition means it is the epaper edition of this popular newspaper

Click here to visit the e hitavada

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Click the link below to Download the epaper edition of Hitavada

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